Give Me Just A Little More Time

Right now, I'm in Barcelona.  My European Grand Tour is on it's last month.  And, I promise that when I return to the states, I'll give you the 411 on all of my European adventures.  I have notes on everyday that I've spent over here, so when I get back, I'll write/animate blogs until my whole trip is told.  Just be patient. I return July 11th.  After that...I'm all yours.

"Get Thee to a Nunnery"

Since I've started my European Tour, I've had plenty of eye opening experiences...  So far their are plenty of things that I get to try, but I'm homesick for some of the things I've left behind.

Such as:

   Ranch Dressing (Why does no one know what that is?  It's delicious!)
   Friends and Family
   T.V. (only a little)
and last but not least........


That's right.  Since I've been in Europe, I've hardly found any decent internet.  And isn't it funny that today, when I have the best internet connection yet, I happen to be sitting in a nunnery.  That's right!  A nunnery.

Nuns have the fastest internet around.  So if you're looking for some decent time online, take a page from Hamlet and "get thee to a nunnery."

It's too bad I have to leave tomorrow morning.

Well, like I said, good internet is hard to find; so my blogs may be a lot scarcer than I'd like.  I'll try to post regularly, but I'm not making any promises.  It's just too hard.